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11/13/08 11:14 PM #24    

S. Ron Banerjee

I am just wondering if there will be an appearance at St. Clair CC of one of the mystery multi-colored drink/substances from Allie Molinda's garage... Judge Nailner might have a stash in his evidence room.

11/21/08 07:47 AM #25    

Denette Pollock

You wish you need a fake ID. Hey,try to get Ken Getkin & Len Marcus to the reunion, will you. I'd like to put in a request for Dr. Donnellan while you're at it!

11/22/08 08:59 PM #26    

Ron Bradley

Well folks, a week to go and I have to admit that I am getting rather anxious for this. I hope some people that have not used this site still show up because there are still a lot of people I'd like to see again.
A few questins though: Are we getting tickets or some other form of confirmation that we have paid? Is there going to be a viewing of "Nail's Court"? Because I bought a ticket in 83 and never saw the show. I probably can find the ticket if I take the time to look for it (I won't) but it is probably with the rest of the stuff I kept from back then. Was any of the faculty invited? I saw this on a local tv report and thought that was interesting. I would probably use the opportunity to say "I never used anything you taught me in the rest of my life." Sentence diagrams? Come on. Finally, On Sunday, will there be a tv with the Steelers game? We should know this stuff.

11/23/08 07:15 PM #27    

Paul Anderson

Ron, if you break it down to a simple sentence then the diagram is very easy. The subject is STEELERS and the verb is WIN. End of story. Go grab a cold one.

11/30/08 02:41 PM #28    

Betsy Daly (Eglberger)

I totally agree with Jeff! I attended both Friday and Saturday night and had an absolute blast at both. A BIG THANK YOU to the committee for your hard did a great job! It was so nice to see so many classmates there. I am proud to be part of such a great class! Mt. Lebanon 1983 Rocks!! Looking forward to keeping in touch.
My best to each of you today and always,

11/30/08 10:51 PM #29    

Deborah Templin (Hickly)

Yep..the weekend truly ROCKED!! The reunion committee really outdid themselves!! Thank you soooo much for sacrificing so much of your time. Couldn't have asked for a better weekend. Laughed hard and often. Sooooooooo great to see so many "blasts from my past" :)...especially you JB :) what it felt like to live in "terror"...thanks for keeping me on my toes all stinkin' weekend!! lol.

11/30/08 11:29 PM #30    

Ron Bradley

Hey Paul,
You're sentence diagram was not correct. It should have been subject-verb-object: Steelers kicked ass.
We should all grab a cold one.

12/01/08 03:38 PM #31    

Richard J. Barney

To the Class of '83:

It was great to see you again. Friday night and Saturday night were times to remember I do feel bad that there never seems to be enough time to speak with everyone who attended. I think the good time I had on Friday night, left me a little bit slow for Saturday night, but I have no regrets. Take care of yourselves and stay in touch. Julie, Anne, and Doug, I'll give you a call about the 30th. lol

Rick Barney, Class of '83.

12/01/08 05:26 PM #32    

S. Ron Banerjee

Dear Reunion Committee,

I just wanted to take a moment and thank all of you for an incredible time on Saturday. From the endless efforts to track people down, to getting this absolutely incredible website not only up and running for us, but arranging to keep it going into the future so that we all can stay in touch, truly amazing...

To all of my classmates who I had a chance to chat with, what a surreal experience!!! Joe Garafoli said it the best when we were saying how it took us a little time to shift into Lebo '83 mode to recognize some people without gawking at a passing nametag, but once we were in the zone, faces and names seemed to come together quickly - well, before the alcohol fog set in...

Thanks so much to all of you who attended. My fiancee' Tara and I truly had a fantastic time. I wish I could have connected with some of the folks who only attended the Friday night get together. I heard that was a great time and hope that we can recreate that at some point in the future. Thanks, Tim, for hosting it.

I know many of you indicated that it would be nice to do something before the 30th. I hope that we can put something together and live up to that and will help any way I can. I know there will be opportunities for many of us within driving distance to hopefully get together for a mandatory Steeler tailgate or Penguin game. Please know that there is a standing invite from me and Tara anytime you guys are in the Happy Valley.

Finally, I am hoping that there is a way for all of us to upload pictures somewhere for common access so that everyone, attendees and those who could not attend, can take a look and enjoy the reunion photos. Hopefully, someone will upload a copy of the class picture (Elementary Classes) too...

Everyone, please stay in touch and I look forward to hearing from you, soon. Thanks again.

God bless,

PS: To those of you who are interested, as I indicated to some of you, I will look into setting up a scholarship fund from our class for a graduating Lebo senior, or relative of a Lebo Class of '83 graduate to promote community leadership and scholarship into the future. Contact me if you are interested. We will need a lot of your help.

12/02/08 04:55 PM #33    

Mary Anne Perri

class of 83,

nice job. i do believe that fun was had by all!

i got some messages by individuals who live in town that want to meet periodically. soooo, corned beef and curry (bob banerjee's band) is playing at molly's in uptown lebo on december 27th. i can assure all that it will be a blast as they are the greatest performers anywhere. i encourage anyone who has the time and would like to unwind after christmas to attend.

hope to see everyone there!

mary anne

12/02/08 06:36 PM #34    

Deborah Templin (Hickly)

that band ROCKS!! will plan to come if in town. definitely worth seeing.

12/02/08 06:38 PM #35    

Deborah Templin (Hickly)

maybe i'll even be able to talk by then :)

had a chest x-ray today. pneumonia.

apologies to anyone i infected...unless it's you JB :)

12/02/08 06:54 PM #36    

Deborah Templin (Hickly)

ok...for all of you who couldn't make out a word i was saying at the reunion..i have updated my profile to actually include something other than my name :). so...there you go...

12/02/08 09:24 PM #37    

Dana P. Lemmons (Hammele)


I am so sorry to have missed this reunion, but have been keeping tabs on all via this fantastic site. I think it was very well-orchestrated and many thanks to all the committee members and Julie Agar for pulling this together and organizing such a great event. This site was and is fantastic and I hope we can keep it going. I promise to make it next time.

I had my own version of a keg party in Spiers backwoods here in Alabama over the holiday, as I celebrated Thanksgiving at the beach with several other families. (That might paint a scary picture to some.) But, in true Lebo girl fashion, as I was running from a rental policeman after commiting some kind of a resort infraction (I still do not know what), you will be happy to know, that I did not spill one drop of my beer.

Please post pictures from the event! I would love to see everyone and Julie, I do promise to make it up next time. I'm hoping it will be warm for the next one...

ps-Ken Hohman & the Markham-ites -- lest we not forget Mr. Jordan (and I'm not talking "Michael"). Cough, Cough.

12/02/08 10:18 PM #38    

Phyllis Roteman

I agree - the reunion was a huge success. Best ever. I can't believe how good we all look! : )

To my fellow rock. That was really fun. Especially you, Dave Virdalia. You got moves.

Thanks reunion committee! I hope this website stays up, because it's a great way to keep in touch. There are lots of people I've reconnected with through it.

And Dougie, sorry I crashed the party. I'll put a check in the mail.

12/03/08 12:24 PM #39    

Mary Lou Mulkeen

I was unable to make it to the reunion but have really enjoyed this site. I appreciate all the work that was put into this - and look forward to catching up with more old (not so old!) friends!

Thanks reunion committee!
Mary Lou

12/09/08 07:53 AM #40    

Denette Pollock

Is it just me or is everyone feeling the love?? We have a really neat class. Thanks to those of you on the committee who worked so hard, esp. you JA, it was a great weekend.

12/09/08 12:52 PM #41    

Sue Love (Butler)

I am definitely feeling the love; greatly said, DP. Wish I could join all of you at Molly's. Sounds like another fun night. What's on the agenda for '09?

12/24/08 12:15 AM #42    

Carrie L. Harvey

Hello to all! I am not "missing" anymore thanks to Leanne Nowacki Irvin who somehow tracked me down. This is a terrific site - I am sorry I missed the reunion, sounds like it was a great time and it sure would have been nice to see all of you. I just cannot believe it has been 25 years.

I want to wish all of you and your families a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

12/24/08 04:01 AM #43    

Ron Bradley

I wanted to take a moment to wish everyone a happy holiday season and a good 2009. I will be in Pittsburgh this weekend but prior commitments will not allow me to join everyone at Molly's. I'll try to make the next event in '09.
Go Steelers! Beat the Browns!

12/25/08 09:53 AM #44    

Leanne Nowacki (Irvin)

Merry Christmas and a Happy, Healthy New Year to all! So glad that I was able to be at the 25th reunion. I am looking forward to the next! Leanne

01/26/09 06:58 PM #45    

Denette Pollock

GO STEELERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! One more time!!

02/01/09 10:25 AM #46    

Ron Bradley

Here we go Steelers! Beat those Redbirds! I have to live with all these Browns fans that transformed into Cardinals fans in the last two weeks and I would appreciate shutting them up.
Go Steelers! Time for a six-pack.

02/11/09 02:05 PM #47    

Rob Allen

Hey FB'ers!

The Class of 1983 now has a group on Facebook. Look us up! Join the group. Post pictures of folks with big hair!

The more the merrier!

03/26/10 11:41 AM #48    

S. Ron Banerjee

Hi all... as many of you know, the Mt. Lebanon Girls Basketball team is playing for the State Championship here in State College at the Bryce Jordan Center this evening at 6pm MArch 26, 2010... a group of us are gathering after the game at Rotelli in downtown State College. Rotelli is owned and operated by Dave Krauth,who is from Mt. Lebo and is the younger brother of Class of '83 graduate Laura Krauth... we hope you all can make it... All the best, Ron

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